Proactively working with clients, we ensure each project has the right survey approach. 

  • Topographic Plans utilising RTK GPS and Robotic Total Station
  • Aerial Surveying using UAV (Drone)
  • Aerial Traffic Counts and Analysis
  • Interactive Orthographic online plan and data sharing
  • Setting Out
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Quantity Management
  • Levelling
  • Scala Penetrometer Testing

Our highly experienced, in-house surveyors are often available at short notice to ensure your project programme remains on track.

Civil Assist is a commercial CAA rule part 102 certified UAV operator.

We also work with DatafromSky to provide traffic analysis through data capture. DataFromSky AI is a unique, globally trusted service, providing accurate traffic data from videos either from drones or from standard cameras. It is capable of measuring a wide range of advanced traffic parameters such as speed, acceleration/deceleration, category classification, safety analysis and more thanks to the trajectory-based approach.

Aerial Traffic Count