Our approach to project management is to ensure participation of all stakeholders from the outset and to align objectives clearly among the project management team.

Utilising the latest technology and innovations allows the full team, including Clients, Contractors and wider stakeholders to monitor and participate in the project delivery.

Tools used to facilitate the process are:

  • SIPOC Planning is a planning method used to collaboratively engage the wider project team. SIPOC stands for Supplies, Inputs, Process, Outputs and Customers and is best implemented at the outset of a project.
  • SharePoint websites through which we will report the progress of the project (including live metrics, photos, 3D imagery and weekly reporting) to the Client, Engineer and Sub-Contractors, ensuring maximum project visibility.
  • Microsoft Planner and Teams, both simple and efficient tools enabling clear communication and tracking of tasks among the full team.
  • Quality Assurance, including both internal task verification and project reviews and also lessons learnt exercises. We aim to for continual improvement.

Our team have a varied background in both civil engineering and business management projects so are able to draw from a wide set of experience. We regularly run internal training sessions to facilitate cross pollination of ideas and knowledge; stakeholders are always welcome to attend.

Our baseline is to deliver every project within budget, to agreed timeframes. What we strive for is to deliver innovative solutions which result in positive environmental impacts, increased asset utilisation and wider social benefits.

“Thanks for the report and all the work you’ve done on this for us, it’s very impressive “

NZ Fire and Emergency – 20 March 2020