Working with our partners and drawing from our experience and qualifications, we ensure a high-level, strategic and efficient approach to sourcing of contractors, services and products. We have aligned our approach to new government procurement procedures (Government Model RFx Templates) and the procurement government rules of sourcing. And, when applicable, provincial growth, funding requirements.

On our team we have two NZQA-certified procurement staff, alongside staff with a background in government and commercial procurement meaning we are able provide a complete in-house procurement service. However, we believe the most effective approach to procurement is to involve the client in the evaluation and decision-making process to ensure full alignment with the approach and the outcomes.


The solution must match the need. We work with our clients to ensure an aligned approach from the outset.

  • Low value work - direct engagement with supporting plans, specifications and conditions.
  • 3915 Style Contracts enabling a medium risk approach for contracts that fit in between direct appointment/purchase orders and full-scale contracts.
  • 3910, 3916 and 3917 Style Contracts supported with full RFP, Specifications, Drawings etc
  • Direct Engagement, LPC, Weighted Attributes, Negotiated Variations etc to suit the project need

Tailored procurement approaches to align with client needs