Our strong background in roading ensures we provide robust solutions to long term asset management planning. Understanding the need to fit programmes to set budgets and knowing when to challenge budgets when underfunding or overfunding situations exists ensures our clients receive both strategic advice and programmes that are well founded on technical detail.

Asset Management services includes:

  • Data Acquisition
  • RAMM / IPS integration
  • Programme development and optimisation
  • Forward budgeting

Some examples of our experience:

State Highway Professional Services Napier and Gisborne, C1060, (2012-2015)

Delivered by:          Deputy Team Leader: Andrew Lawton

In this role Andrew managed the Gisborne team to deliver professional services for the highway in the Gisborne region. This involved managing multiple long-term maintenance contracts, preparation and management of annual contracts, emergency management, corridor management, stakeholder management, monthly reporting, management of all annual finances all in close consultation with client representatives.

Gisborne District Council Footpaths Long Term Plan and Maintenance Management, (2018-2020)

Delivered by:          Project Manager: Zaria Weatherhead

Zaria worked from the ground up starting with a 100% inspection of the footpath assets and logging all faults and renewal treatments into RAMM. This enabled the development of a robust 10 year plan which encapulates all known faults and predicted renewal needs. Zaria remains embedded in delivering both annual renewals and managing RFS complaints with a clear understanding of long term priority.