Engineering for Life

As a team, our commitment is to engineer a sustainable future. To achieve this, we seek out innovative solutions delivered in a down to earth way.

Our Values

  • Environmental Enhancement
  • Innovation
  • Personal Development
  • Equitable Opportunities
  • Community Engagement

How do we do this?

Environmental Enhancement

  • Incorporating Expert Environmental Analysis into Our Projects
  • Becoming a Carbon Negative Business
  • Analysing the Carbon Impact of our Clients Projects
  • Work-Shopping Environmental Action Projects
  • Aligning Project Management with the Waste Minimization Act


  • Promoting Innovative thinking and discuss as a Team
  • Running Fortnightly Innovation Workshops
  • Assessing and Prioritising Innovations and Monitoring Progress
  • Quadruple Bottom Line Approach to Projects (people, planet & profit)

Aligning Personal and Work Goals

  • Matching Working Environments to our Personalities
  • Creating Customised Vision Plans for the Team
  • Supporting Team Members Out-of-Work Plans
  • Encouraging Fitness around Work Times

Equitable Opportunities

  • Encouraging all Team Members to Learn and Grow into new Roles
  • Flexible Employment Arrangements
  • Supporting Professional Development Regardless of Gender or Age

Community Engagement

  • Promoting Bi-Lingual Signage
  • Consulting with all Stakeholders
  • Supporting Subcontractors to Participate in Contracts
  • Enabling Contractors to develop into new Markets